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Candida Royalle's Under the Covers

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IMPORTCandida Royalle's Under the Covers


A humorous look at women who live and work in the sex industry. Regina West is a TV personality who is doing a special about women who have changed how we view sex. Through a series of mishaps, we discover that what these women present to the public isn't always what they are in private.

Product Information

  • Length: 1 hrs. 25 mins.
  • Released: Feb 08 2007
  • Production Year: 2007

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Talia from France

So far I've found porn to be mostly boring, but Candida Royalle's got a few chuckles out of me. "One Size Fits All" is five scenes about one "magic" dress and the women wearing it (and having sex, of course, it IS porn). There's very little dialogue and not much acting skill demanded, so it's well within the actors' abilities (I mean that as a compliment - I find the movie perfectly watcheable even in the (short) parts without sex). I find the men rather attractive (I might develop a crush on Tom Byron), and all of the women are (obviously) beautiful. Sadly there's no "making-of", only a photo gallery with Candida Royalle's comments (mostly lauding the actors), and a very short blooper reel (with one absolutely hilarious scene). Well worth the € 7,50 I paid for it! The idea of "Under the Covers" (a spoofy "behind the scenes" look of various sex businesses) is brilliant, but execution-wise I think the film focusses too much on the women, and women masturbating just don't do it for me. I also find the men less attractive than the guys in "One Size Fits All". However, there's a few funny moments in the film and the "epilogue" is hilarious - I just don't find it as erotic than "One Size". But the big plus of this DVD is a fairly substantial "making of" documentary, the first I've seen about an adult movie. And it explains so much! So I don't regret having bought both DVDs - I'll be rewatching "One Size Fits All" for the sex and the "Making Of" of "Under the Covers". (Of course, both on one DVD would be perfect...) I can't say anything about the lube cube because I've not yet tried any of the lubes (bought it for travelling) - but I've been using Sliquid Natural Organics Gel for years and I like it, so I'm sure I'll like the others as well. (7 Februari 2018)